Cuisinart TOB-40 Toaster Oven Review

Cuisinart TOB-40 Toaster Oven is a very popular kitchenware. Being one of the top rated toaster ovens, this toaster oven comes with diverse menu options including baking an 11-inch pizza, toasting bagels or broiling multiple big sandwiches. The Always Even Shade Control feature makes sure that the temperature and timing are consistent for all the food you prepare.

Here is a quick overview of the most useful features Cuisinart TOB-40 –

  1. Simple, attractive design
  2. Adjustable Rack Height
  3. Full size interior for holding pizza and toasts
  4. Automatic temperature and timing adjustment
  5. Easy side-out rack feature for hands-free loading and removal of foods

As we have seen above, the oven comes with an auto slide-out rack, which allows you to load and remove the cooked foods in a simple and easy way. The oven interior features a reflective nonstick coating, which makes it possible to clean the oven with a few simple wipes.Toaster-Oven

Controlling Options

Cuisinart TOB-40 is provided with a simple and intuitive control system. In total, there are five different elements for controlling your oven. First of all, the Function dial is for setting the cooking method. Available options include Toast, Bagel, Bake and Broil.

Then, there is the Temperature dial. You can set the temperature from 150 degrees to 450 degrees with 50 degree intervals. There is a separate option for broil.

The Toast Shade dial will enable you to set the shade for your food. You can choose from light, medium and dark. It is also possible to activate the always on feature. Enabling this feature will continue cooking until you stop it manually.

The Start/Stop button is used for starting the bagel or toast operations. Pushing this button will also stop toasting and/or shut off the oven.

Lastly, the indicator light will let you know whether the oven is in use or not.

Useful Features

There is a reason why the Cuisinart TOB-40 Toaster Oven is often included in the best toaster oven reviews. And that is its long list of useful features. Other than the attractive look and the compact sizing, the oven comes with lots of unique and attractive options.

To start with, the oven features a slide-out crumb tray which could be removed for easy cleaning. The specially coated sides of the oven are also perfect for easy maintenance. The oven is provided with a pan which could be used for broiling, baking or roasting.

The smart cord storage feature will help you to hide the extra cord and keep your countertop tidy. All the parts that come in contact with the food are BPA free. Therefore, you can rest assured that the prepared food will be completely safe for your health.


Cuisinart TOB-40 Toaster Oven is a feature-rich kitchen appliance with all the necessary features. It also comes with a three year limited warranty. Therefore, you can safely choose this oven and rest assured that it will deliver the exact performance you want for a long period of time.